CDC Recommended Schedules

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By Dr. Paul Thomas

'The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health- from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years' ​gives Dr. Paul's take on the controversy of childhood immunizations and the best way to approach getting those vaccines to help ensure your child stays healthy.


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"The Vaccine-Friendly Plan was written primarily to inform those who are thinking they want to follow the CDC schedule, that there may be a safer way to vaccinate. If you can already make an informed decision about vaccination and are comfortable with the risks of not vaccinating - and if I were your doctor - there would be a good chance I would support your informed decision. Obviously I cannot make any vaccine recommendations to non-patients nor can I give any specific advice. Everything you read on my web sites and in my books is only informational."

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Alternative Schedules

By Dr. Bob Sears

"THE VACCINE BOOK offers parents a fair, impartial, fact-based resource from the most trusted name in pediatrics. Dr. Bob Sears devotes each chapter in the book to a disease/vaccine pair and offers a comprehensive discussion of what the disease is, how common or rare it is, how serious or harmless it is, the ingredients of the vaccine, and any possible side effects from the vaccine.


This completely revised edition offers:

  • Updated information on each vaccine and disease

  • More detail on vaccines' side effects

  • Expanded discussions of combination vaccines

  • A new section on adult vaccines

  • Additional options for alternative vaccine schedules

  • A guide to Canadian vaccinations

THE VACCINE BOOK provides exactly the information parents want and need as they make their way through the vaccination maze."

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