Vaccines for Children Program

The "Vaccines for Children Program" is an incentive for physicians to vaccinate children, at no cost to them.

"The VFC program provides all routine vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) at no cost to the participating healthcare provider."

But guess what, THE PHYSICIANS ARE ALLOWED TO CHARGE PATIENTS! This is part of their incentive to be in the program.

So they get the vaccines for free and then charge insurance companies for payment!

This is UNETHICAL! How do these doctors sleep at night?!

Physician flyer-

Program incentives-

Oh and don't forget about this study done in the '90s, "Bonuses sharply and rapidly increased immunization cover",

The non-profit organization, Children's Health Defense, has also reported on these incentive programs pointing out, "A widely reported example of this type of pay-for-performance model is the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan “Performance Recognition Program,” which uses “meaningful” payments to reward Blue Care Network (BCN) health maintenance organization (HMO) providers “who encourage their patients to get preventive screenings and procedures.” For vaccination, providers receive $400 for each eligible two-year-old who has received all 24-25 vaccines shown below, but only if the provider manages to administer each and every shot to at least 63% of his or her patients."

How any medical professional who has “sworn to do no harm”, can willingly put their patients at risk, over any amount of money, blows my mind! You entered this field to help people, to care for people, to heal people...NEWSFLASH, vaccines cause serious harm!

Vaccine injury is real and it's not rare, just rarely reported!

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