Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated Survey. Roosendaal, Netherlands 2004

The NVKP (Nederlandse Vereniging Kritisch Prikken) [in English: Dutch Association for Conscientious Vaccination] is an independent association made up of therapists, doctors and parents, amongst others. The NVKP’s aim is freedom of choice for parents when it comes to vaccinating their children, based on honest, comprehensive and independent information. We view the current ‘one size fits all’ vaccination policy with great concern. The NVKP is therefore urging the adoption of more thorough independent research by representatives from different disciplines.

The survey:

The NVKP survey was conducted in the Netherlands in the latter half of 2004 with the parents of 635 children, and involved both members and non-members of the NVKP. The survey was geographically distributed over the entire country, and the postal codes of the respondents are known. We asked the parents to fill in a questionnaire with questions about the health of their child or children. All parents were subsequently approached for supplementary information and were asked to answer control questions.

The personal details of all the participating parents and children are known. Questionnaires that were not filled out properly or questionnaires from parents who did not react to our request for supplementary information and/or control questions were not included in the results.

Questionnaires from the parents of children that were not vaccinated in the normal way – that is, not entirely in accordance with Dutch Vaccination Programme (RVP) – and questionnaires from the parents of children that were not entirely unvaccinated were also excluded from this survey.

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