This is Autism!

This is my 34-year-old, high functioning autistic brother Alex.

He was diagnosed with autism around 8 years old, back in 1994. It was a very uncommon thing to have in our tiny little town of 2000 people back then. Only ONE other child had it in our school system.

He was immediately ostracized by the rest of the class like a plague. Kids teased him all the time and it gave me sad feelings as his big sister unable to fix it. We eventually switched schools then he dropped out at 16.

He had lived with my mother, alone, until August of this year. He lives with me now.

His progress has been amazing, to say the least, now he makes eye contact. He initiates conversation. He laughs with people. He LOVES babies like absolutely loves them.

He has a funny sense of humor but will give you everything he has.

He sweeps my floor and feeds my chickens in the morning. The way he picks up my emotional nuances now too. He is starting to become aware of how his actions affect others.

His outbursts are intense but his ability to regain control has gotten so much better.

He wants to get an ID and maybe try the real world, soonish.

This is Autism.


-Jamie Lynn Roach

ICM Secretary/Board Member

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