🚨How to send a quick letter/email to your legislator:

Greet them Ask them to support or oppose the bill in question (provide bill number and title) Give 2-3 bullet points that name reasons the bill is good or/bad Example “This bill serves no state interest” Explain briefly how it impacts your family Kindly conclude and sign your name Send or email your letter to the entire committee, and cc your reps

Find your legislator here 🔍⤵ (get a pen or screenshot)

Save their contact information and whenever you see a bill that you would like them to support/oppose, let them know! 📲

Always remain respectful! Even when they are strongly disagreeing! 🙅

When you feel more comfortable with this process, consider calling and asking to meet with them sometime to discuss a bill. (They will want to know which one when you call)

Bring a friend if you aren’t feeling confident, it can be overwhelming! Using the "buddy system" will help! 👫

Stay vigilant! Several states have removed exemptions and others are facing bills that remove rights. Our time to speak up is NOW! 💪

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