...until the Third Annual Michigan March for Medical Freedom event!!!


Join us to ensure all Michiganders keep their medical freedom rights!

It doesn't matter whether you vaccinate or not, whether you wear a mask or not, whether you birth in a hospital or not; no matter what your religion is or the color of your skin, it doesn't matter. We the People must stick together! Medical mandates do not belong in a free country and we cannot allow for any type of medical mandate! We are free, American citizens! We have rights and we will keep those rights!

This will be a PEACEFUL family-friendly event!

There will be a kid zone to keep all our future freedom fighters busy!

We also have the Shimmy Shack food truck coming and there will be tons of goodies for all our supporters.

Don't sit idly by and allow your rights to be stripped away from you.

Stand up! Rise up! Be Brave!

If not for your rights, for YOUR CHILDREN'S!

RSVP today and register for our book giveaway, HERE!!

Can't attend? Consider sending us a donation to support all our advocacy efforts!

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