Non-vaccinated students charged $80 for prom tickets, but the fully-vaccinated can attend for FREE!

A couple of days ago, it was brought to our attention a photo from a public school in Michigan that illustrated a fully vaccinated student could attend their prom FREE OF CHARGE, but an "unvaccinated" student must pay $80 in order to attend their prom!

After some digging, we found that this photo came from the Southfield Public School District, specifically THIS article which was written by the Southfield Regional Academic Campus Principal Dwayne Eason.

This is completely unethical and it is NOT okay!! The school's actions will lead to discrimination, harassment, and bullying by other students and possibly even teachers! What next, segregation?! The actions taken by this school district are unacceptable and we must take a stand!

Since having found out about this discriminatory, coercive behavior we also found out that the same school district will be having a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic, hosted by Bloom Pediatrics, at the High School!!

Multiple Michiganders across the state have reached out to the school directly, but have not received much explanation except a broad statement saying a "philanthropic organization" is who will be covering the costs of those who decide to be vaccinated. Some Michiganders have even offered to sponsor students who do not get/cannot be vaccinated but have had no response from the school district.

We the People, cannot allow our children to be taken advantage of!

Here are a few things you can do!!

Take action, NOW!!

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