Mumps, MMR vaccine, Encephalitis, and Autism

This little boy received the MMR vaccine at 14 months of age. Four months after MMR vaccination, he was diagnosed with SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome). He was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolysis and developed a persistent H1N1 infection. He received successful Stem Cell Therapy and his immune system improved, but six months after Stem Cell Therapy he started regressing and losing cognitive abilities, motor skills, and language. He developed seizures. His hearing was affected and he developed personality changes and behavioral changes.

Sound familiar?

After multiple hospitalizations, he died at 69 months of age.

On autopsy, vaccine-strain mumps virus was found in his brain and this was determined to be the cause of chronic encephalitis - FOUR YEARS AND SEVEN MONTHS AFTER HE WAS VACCINATED.

From the report:

"Using deep sequencing of fresh brain biopsy material, we identified the Jeryl Lynn 5 mumps virus (MuVJL5), a component of the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine that had been administered to the child before the diagnosis of SCID. Similar to findings in measles viruses recovered from cases of SSPE, the mumps virus genome from the brain showed evidence of biased hypermutation, particularly in the matrix (M) gene. Comparison with sequence data from the original vaccine batch used to immunize this child identified the expansion of variants present at low frequency in the vaccine as well as de novo fixed missense substitutions. This case represents the first conclusive demonstration of chronic panencephalitis due to mumps virus." (from the MMR vaccine. And yes... it was the same strain used in both the UK and the US).

Here is the study:

Here is the MMR-ii vaccine manufacturer's insert:

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