Michigan native, Holly Baranet, passed away from complications after a vaccination...

Michigan native, Holly Baranet, passed away from complications after a vaccination while serving in the military!

"Holly Ann Baranet was born January 17, 1969 in Detroit, Michigan. She was the youngest of four children with three older brothers; Nick, Mike, and Matt. She lived in Dearborn, Michigan until the family moved to Florida in April of 1972.

Holly attended Plantation Park Elementary and then South Plantation High School, graduated 1987, and then relocated with mom to Deland, Florida and entered the military, U.S. Army, May 1989. Her MO was Food Service Specialist for four years, and she won many awards for outstanding salad presentations. She received an inoculation for bubonic plague (she was going to be sent to Guam) that created a condition of cerebral ataxia and was discharged December, 1993, with disability status. On returning back to DeLand, she attended Daytona State College and graduated with her Hospitality Degree. As her disability progressed, she still trained for a CNA job and worked in several facilities until her problems became more acute, gave up her apartment and resided with mom. Her outside activities were simply her fellowship at First Assembly Church of DeLand, where she was an active choir member. Her personality was one of sweetness and thankfulness and completely WITHOUT complaint. The last 2 years she was housebound except for dinner and services on Wednesdays, and the Sunday Service… plus the trips to the VA facility in Daytona. She had the strong BARANET legs, and in spite of her condition could still stand and pivot. She endured a “peg” and “trach” the last three months. Then the LORD called her home."

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