Meningitis is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes usually caused by an infection of some sort. There are five types of Meningitis; non-infectious, parasitic, fungal, bacterial, and most common viral.

Symptoms include; headaches, fever, stiff neck, pain in the back, muscles or neck, chills, lethargy, loss of appetite, malaise or shivering, nausea or vomiting, blotchy rashes or red rashes.

Also common is irritability, mental confusion, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, bulging fontanelle, fast breathing, fast heart rate, fear of loud sounds, headache, lack of interest in feeding in infants, sleepiness, sluggishness, or a stiff back.

Depending on the cause, Meningitis usually resolves on its own within a few days to a few weeks but is still a serious illness, and if you suspect an infection seek medical attention. Any illness directly harming the brain should be taken extremely serious!

Treatment commonly involves the use of prescription antibiotics but, there are natural ways to prevent and treat this illness.

1- Protect children who are most susceptible.

2- Prevent person-to-person transmission.

3- Improve immune function and practice healthy habits.

4- Be extra cautious if you’re pregnant.

5- Manage pain and stiffness naturally.

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