Kalkaska County Resolution 2021-46

On September 15, 2021, Kalkaska Public Schools imposed a mask mandate for all students in grades K-12. That same day, the Kalkaska County Commissioners held an annual Board Meeting. During this meeting, they approved a Resolution to ban mask and vaccine mandates in their county!!

"Motion by Baldwin to approve Resolution 2021-46 Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations and Mandatory Masking as amended. Supported by Comai. Roll call vote: Baldwin, yes; Comai, yes; Banko, yes; Bicum, yes; Crambell, absent; Sweet, yes; Fisher, yes. 6 yeas. 0 nays. 1 absent. Carried. Motion by Baldwin to send Resolution 2021-46 to Representatives, Senators and Congressman. Supported by Banko. Discussion. 6 yeas. 0 nays. 1 absent. Carried."

We were able to hear of this news immediately, have received a signed copy of this Resolution, and the meeting minutes have finally been posted so we now feel comfortable to share this news with you all!

If you live in Kalkaska County and you are being discriminated against for not wearing a mask or getting a COVID-19 vaccine, call the County Clerk to get yourself a copy of this Resolution.

If you live in another county where you and your child are dealing with education discrimination due to mask mandates, check out our other post about County Resolutions so you can try to get the same or something similar passed in your county.

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