I was fed up. My baby was sick all the time and it seemed like there was nothing I could do.

My oldest child was vaccinated for up to 6 months. He never had a severe reaction, like seizures or anaphylaxis, but he did display what I was told were "normal" after each round of shots. He would get fussy and wouldn't nurse, he slept a lot for a few days after. He was always sick with a cough and congestion, his pediatrician would say "it's just a virus" and to "let it run its course".

I was fed up. My baby was sick all the time and it seemed like there was nothing I could do. I started asking mom friends what if there was a way to help him. I got tips on how to ease his cough, clear up the congestion. Suggestions on how to get him to nurse better. A girlfriend asked me if I was vaccinated, I said "of course why wouldn't I?" I will never forget when she said "no, go read the ingredients.", and I did.

As soon as I read the vaccine ingredients, it only made sense to me that if I wouldn't ingest these substances, why would I inject them?! Especially into my infant!

I stopped vaccinating my son after his 6-month round of shots. Within just a couple of months, we began to see his health improve! He was no longer sick, he began to have a huge personality.

Now, I have educated myself on vaccines and their risks vs benefits, the illnesses people vaccinate for, and the symptoms of these illnesses, and how to treat them. I also learned how to properly support the immune system and have realized we cannot inject health. In theory, immunization via vaccination sounds great but when there are more risks than benefits, when we have to create a specific court for vaccine injury and death, when we have to compensate those injured or killed by vaccines because manufacturers are not liable...we need to rethink how we are immunizing.

The parents who speak out, we don't do it for fame or popularity. We don't do it for money, many of us are dirt broke and spend all our time and money healing our children and spreading awareness. We put so much effort into trying to prevent what we have gone through.

We have lost family and friends for speaking out and telling our children's stories. Our children have already given to the "greater good", now we are trying to save yours!

Our children matter. We matter!

We must do better. It's time we rise up and fight back! We the People deserve better, our children deserve a better future! One where they have true informed choice and informed consent! We cannot allow for other people's fears to rule over our rights! Medical mandates do not belong in a free country and we will always fight for our family's freedom!

Fast forward 7 years, my oldest son is now almost 9 years old and after having detoxed him and continuing to heal his injury, he has grown into a caring, loving, and compassionate young man. I also have four other children, all vaccine free!

Vaccines are not 100% safe nor effective.

We have been lied to and it's time the truth comes out!

-Erica Pettinaro, ICM President

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