I didn't know until it was too late!

I remember I sat him in his baby bouncer, facing me, while I sat on the couch. He was wearing this cute brown bear outfit with a light blue onesie underneath. I would sit him in front me of and I’d talk to him, make silly faces or show him new things.

He was so interested in all the things around him.

He was always SO happy! Bright-eyed with a big smile...

But not this particular day.

I sat down and started to talk to him, and it was like I wasn’t even talking.

No emotion.

No acknowledgment of me there.


So I tickle him, make noises and silly faces... Nothing. Just this blank stare. His bright blue eyes were still bright and blue, but they looked dull and dark deep inside. I got this gut-wrenching feeling that something was not okay. I just sat there and stared at him and wondered if maybe he was sleepy... No, he did just take a nap. What was wrong with my baby?


This did not feel like my baby.

Something felt so wrong. But what?

I called my mom. Instantly started crying. I told her there was something wrong with Isaiah. He was blank. It was like he was just gone. He was fully awake but so blank and zoned out to the world around him.

I can see that blank stare like it was just yesterday. I was told I was crazy and sure he’s fine...

A week went by and still, my baby was gone/zoned out.

I had then told my mom and grandma about how something was wrong but I don’t know what. They suggested I see my doctor because maybe I was having PPD.. someone said “stop looking for there to be something wrong. He’s perfect just enjoy it”. I felt crazy.

Everyone was telling me that I was just crazy. I drove myself crazy thinking that maybe I was just seeing things.

A couple of weeks go by and he seems almost back to normal. But something was still off. Something didn’t seem the same and it never since then...

You see, he was 2 months old and just days post-vaccination.. 9 vaccines entered my baby's body. I never even questioned it. Vaccines were safe, right? Vaccines wouldn’t hurt my baby. That was the furthest thing from my mind.

"Later on he ended up having repeated reactions. Sick every single time just days after vaccination. His immune system was shot!

At age 1 is when the skin reactions happened. And then again at 19 months (I was late on his schedule), it wasn’t until his second skin reaction that I finally realized what was happening to him.

How was I supposed to know that encephalitis could happen from vaccines? No one told me. How was I supposed to know ear infections, asthma, and autoimmune issues could be caused by these vaccines. No one told me... A complete lack of informed consent.

Before Isaiah was born I had this gut feeling that I needed to not vaccinate him. Insane thought since I was currently vaccinating his brother who just turned 1 year old. I had no clue why I felt that I shouldn’t but something told me not to.

He was given Hep B and Vit K without my consent. And then had really bad jaundice for over a week 😞 everything in me was telling me not to vaccinate him and from his first day of life he was affected by vaccines. And then repeatedly until he was almost 2.

2 whole years I unknowingly harmed my son!

Do you know how hard it is for me to share this story? Because I hurt him. ME, his MOM, continually hurt him over and over. I didn’t know these things were even possible. I blindly let this happen to my child. It is absolutely the worst feeling ever to feel like you caused harm to your child. I know it’s not really my fault. I was not truthfully informed. But I sure wish I could go back and run with my gut instinct and would have researched.

This is why I speak out.

This is why I ask you to question.

I ask anyone who is considering vaccinating or currently vaccinating to please be truly informed.

So you can recognize injury and spare your precious baby from being hurt repeatedly.

No one told me.

No one warned me.

No one saw the connection.

And I didn’t know until it was too late 😔

-Maria George, ICM VP

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