Hepatitis B Vaccine. When is it give? Why is it given? How is it given? Is it safe?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more!

According to the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, infants are given the Hepatitis B vaccine in a three-dose series at birth, 1-2 months, and 6-18 months.

But, if you read the footnotes, when given in combination vaccines there can be 4 doses administered instead of just the recommended 3!!!!

"Routine Series:

• A complete series is 3 doses at 0, 1–2, and 6–18

months. (Monovalent HepB vaccine should be

used for doses given before age 6 weeks.)

• Infants who did not receive a birth dose should

begin the series as soon as feasible (see Figure 2).

• Administration of 4 doses is permitted when a

combination vaccine containing HepB is used after

the birth dose.

• Minimum age for the final (3rd or 4th) dose: 24


• Minimum Intervals: Dose 1 to Dose 2: 4 weeks /

Dose 2 to Dose 3: 8 weeks / Dose 1 to Dose 3: 16

weeks. (When 4 doses are given, substitute “Dose

4” for “Dose 3” in these calculations.)"

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