Has history repeated itself with aluminum?

Researchers from Keele University in the U.K. examined brain tissue from deceased individuals with a diagnosis of autism, finding some of the highest values for aluminum in human brain tissue yet recorded.

The research investigated brain tissue from ten donors, representing all donors available at the Autism Brain Bank, and a standout observation was the location of aluminum is primarily inflammatory, non-neuronal cells with evidence of these cells moving from blood and lymph into the brain tissue.

VaxCalc uses the FDA recommended maximum daily aluminum dose to calculate a "possibly safe" amount of aluminum, providing you with an easy to understand graph.

The photo below is what "possibly safe" looks like for a newborn baby, weighing 8 pounds, who receive a Hepatitis B shot on their first day of life.

According to the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, a project run by MDI Biological Laboratory & North Carolina State University and funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: increased aluminum correlates with or plays a role in the causation of Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (and many other diseases).

Warning bells are going off, but who is listening? Twenty years ago, the FDA was forced to admit that they had allowed a dangerous amount of mercury into the vaccine schedule. Has history repeated itself with aluminum?

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