The Health Freedom 101 Summit is coming!

July 12-14th!

Sign up TODAY for a FREE 3-day pass and unlock these gifts from the summit speakers:

  • The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier; Prepared for Humanity by David E. Martin

  • Parenting in a Pandemic; Creating Peace in the Chaos Masterclass with Kim Marshall, Roots & Wings Childhood

  • Printable Advocacy Bundle; Includes printables on lockdowns, vaccines, religious freedom, masking and children’s rights, as well as constitutional freedoms protection cards.

Purchase an "All-Access Pass", for only $47, which includes:

  • Lifetime On-Demand Access to all Video Presentations.

  • 15+ Hours of Summit Audio Recordings in a Downloadable MP3 Format.

  • BONUS: Mask Resistance Guide

  • BONUS: Activist Training Field Guide

  • BONUS: An Extra 2+ hour Bundle of Downloadable MP3 Audio Recordings from the 2021 Health Freedom Summit!

  • BONUS: Dare to Question - Digital Book by Ted Kuntz M. Ed

  • BONUS: Access to the first half of “Overcoming Self-Sabotage,” Summit Speaker Jason Christoff’s 2020 Seminar.

  • BONUS: Ounce of Prevention Mini Program by Chris & Tyson Lucas

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