Did you hear...

About one of the BIGGEST censorship stories that have happened this year?!

Patrick Coffin is a legend in conservative radio and Christian apologetics. But apparently, when he ventured into public health policies Big Tech had enough and last weekend they completely took down his online summit mid-launch.

The censorship in this country is getting completely out of control.

Last Friday the Truth Over Fear Summit was supposed to unleash 40+ mind-blowing presentations from around the world that would have embarrassed some very powerful people. Why don’t they want you to be watching these presenters? What were the videos about? Undoing the false narrative on all of these insane restrictions and medical propaganda, of course. Can’t have people asking questions!

As you know from my work I value integrity and only promote people and summits who are helpful and worthy of promotion. This is the mission statement from the producers of Truth Over Fear Summit: to inspire, educate, and support people of reason and of faith who are tired of the increasingly aggressive political correctness, groupthink, and oligarchic control that surrounds them.

Sometimes fighting the oligarchy is as simple as giving the microphone to people who refuse to be slaves. Congratulations to Patrick for refusing to be silenced and refusing to let his epic line-up of speakers be silenced and persevering to get this summit out there.

Happy to announce they are relaunching this Friday, May 7th through Sunday, May 9th. Here’s the full line-up.

Sign up HERE and share everywhere!!

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