We previously posted a 'Bad Bill Alert', warning Michiganders of five bills introduced earlier this month threatening our medical freedoms.

Today, December 28, 2020, we have received GREAT NEWS in regards to these bills!!

State Representative Michele Hoitenga posted to her Facebook a few hours ago announcing that these bills are DEAD!!

"Many of you are concerned with an ‘alert’ that is circulating. Although democrat legislators did introduce a bill package that mandate COVID vaccinations, those bills are dead because the legislative term has ended. As with any bills, they could be reintroduced in January but there will be new legislators and new committees at that time. To the folks I represent in the 102nd district, I do not support MANDATORY COVID vaccinations. This is a topic and decision individual citizens should have with their doctors."

Because these bills could possibly and very likely be reintroduced at the beginning of the year, we are still urging concerned citizens to contact their legislators and the Health Policy Committee and be a voice for your community and protect your medical freedoms!

Learn more about these bills and find tips on how to contact your legislators HERE.

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