Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions

According to the National Vaccine Adverse Reporting System, nearly 4,000 reports have been made in regards to adverse reactions to Covid vaccines! Within these reports, over 16,000 symptoms have been disclosed including 10 deaths!

Before Covid vaccines were approved for Emergency Use Authorization, doctors were already beginning to warn people to "prepare for side effects" to these vaccines.

"According to Moderna, most side effects reported during its clinical trials were mild to moderate, but some were classified as "Grade 3", or severe.

After the first dose, 2.7% of clinical trial participants experienced this level of injection site pain. After the second dose, 9.7% experienced fatigue, 8.9% reported muscle aches, 5.2% had joint pain, 4.5% had headaches, 4.1% reported pain, and 2% saw redness at the injection site.

"So, flu-like side effects and injection-related side effects are what you should expect," said Cherabuddi. "I would make it clear that they're a little more than the flu vaccine."

One nurse, who was a participant in Covid vaccine trials, wrote an article explaining her symptoms and how she felt. "This was the highest fever I can ever remember having, and it scared me," said Choi, with the School of Nursing at the University of California, Los Angeles.

She went on to explain why she wrote this article, "disclosure forms are not enough to make sure people understand that what they may experience is normal, she said.

After all, even Choi, who administers vaccines and whose career centers on research, began to fear something was wrong when symptoms flared even though she was thoroughly briefed on potential side effects. She says rational thought for her went out the window when her fever spiked."

Even the CDC says flu-like side effects are "no walk in the park".

"Americans need to be prepared for the possibility that they may feel a little unwell after they get a coronavirus vaccine"
"Volunteers in vaccine trials have reported they frequently feel flu-like effects after getting vaccinated"

One article warned that according to data analyzed from clinical trials, Covid vaccines may have MORE side-effects than flu-shots!

"The first coronavirus vaccine authorized in the United States may cause more side effects than the flu vaccine, but the most common reactions — soreness at the injection site, fatigue, and headache — are mild or moderate in most people and fade after a few days, according to analyses of clinical trial data."

In the UK, after two people had severe reactions, British regulators advised those with severe allergies to avoid the vaccine.

"Two British people with severe allergies apparently had allergic reactions to Pfizer/BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine, raising questions about whether it is safe for people with preexisting allergies.

A vaccine that triggers dangerous reactions in people with severe allergies poses a major challenge in the U.S.

"In the U.S. trial, there were more allergic reactions in the group that received the vaccine than among placebo recipients."

Multiple U.S. news outlets have also been reporting on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines since the FDA gave approval for Emergency Use Authorization. Three health workers in Alaska and four in Illinois had allergic reactions after receiving a Covid vaccine. One doctor in Boston reported a serious reaction after receiving the Moderna Covid vaccine and a doctor in Florida has died after receiving the Pfizer Covid vaccine!

All across the country, healthcare workers are reporting severe adverse reactions, some are even being hospitalized but it is not just healthcare workers who are suffering.

Every day people are having severe reactions, the Moderna Covid vaccine specifically has been linked to causing inflammation in people with facial fillers.

As concerning as all of this is, what is even more concerning is that despite these adverse reactions and deaths occurring, health "experts" are still urging people to get vaccinated and to return for a second dose!

Some people who have already received a second-dose, are reporting even more "intense symptoms" and even more "flu-like symptoms".

"Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said that with the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, some people have experienced "a more intense reaction."
"People who said, 'I didn't feel anything on the first,' some of them are saying, 'Yeah, I felt some headache. I felt more pain,'" Ezike said. "So there is a more robust immune response that is manifest in that second dose".

According to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System, nearly 4,000 reports have been made detailing over 16 THOUSAND different symptoms exhibited after receiving a Covid vaccine, including 10 deaths!

Search VAERS data HERE.

Some scientists suspect what is causing all these adverse reactions and deaths. A compound in both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine called Polyethylene Glycol, or PEG.

What is Polyethylene Glycol? PEG is a petroleum-derived polyether compound. It is produced by from the reaction between ethylene oxide and water, ethylene glycol, or ethylene glycol oligomers.