The recently vaccinated are "silent spreaders"

The New York Times published an article earlier this month explaining why "vaccinated people still need to wear a mask".

In this article, it says the reason vaccinated people will still need to wear masks is,

"because the Pfizer and Moderna trials tracked only how many vaccinated people became sick with Covid-19. That leaves open the possibility that some vaccinated people get infected without developing symptoms, and could then silently transmit the virus — especially if they come in close contact with others or stop wearing masks."


"If vaccinated people are silent spreaders of the virus, they may keep it circulating in their communities"

We find it interesting that all of a sudden everyone is worried about "silent spreaders" now.

No one cared when it came to vaccines before COVID.


Live virus vaccines have been known to cause asymptomatic illness in the vaccinated host, causing them to then spread their illness to others because they don't know they're contagious.

The vaccine virus is often shed via stool or other bodily fluids.

Learn more about shedding HERE.

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