12 State Attorneys General, including MI, call on FB and Twitter to "Stop Vaccine Disinformation"

According to a report from CNBC, "a coalition of 12 state attorneys general on Wednesday called on Facebook and Twitter to enforce their community guidelines and rid their services of misinformation being spread by accounts promoting anti-vaccine ideas.

The coalition highlights that just 12 accounts and their associated organizations are responsible for 65% of the public anti-vaccine content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In particular, the accounts target people of color to discourage them from getting the Covid-19 vaccines, the letter said."

Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel is among the 12 AG's who signed this letter. She says, ”The availability of safe and effective vaccines means the end of this pandemic is finally in sight. However, disinformation threatens that. The rampant disinformation being disseminated across social media platforms directly undermines all efforts to safely and quickly distribute vaccines and limit further loss of life.”

In this letter the Attorney's General state, "Given “anti-vaxxers’” reliance on your platforms, you are uniquely positioned to prevent the spread of misinformation about coronavirus vaccines that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of millions of Americans in our states and that will prolong our road to recovery.

The updated community guidelines you have established to prevent the spread of vaccine

misinformation appear to be a step in the right direction. However, it is apparent that Facebook has not taken sufficient action to identify violations and enforce these guidelines by removing and labelling misinformation and banning repeat offenders. As a result, anti-vaccine misinformation continues to spread on your platforms, in violation of your community standards."

We, at Informed Choice Michigan, find it very concerning that State AGs would use the derogatory term "anti-vaxxers" in their letter. This term is contentious and ostracizes parents and their experiences with vaccine injury and death! Being called an "anti-vaxxer" after you have witnessed the serious risks is extremely insulting and disrespectful! The majority of those who do not vaccinate, have seen their child negatively affected by vaccinations or have been negatively affected themselves.

The thing is, most everyone starts out parenthood with an understanding that vaccines are supposed to help us and our baby and keep everyone healthy. Most will believe this to be true until a flu shot paralyzes them, or until they hold their seizing child after receiving an MMR shot, or until their niece or nephew passes away from "SIDS" just days after getting a DTaP shot.

Don't allow this type of incendiary hit piece on the Medical Freedom Movement to stop you from standing up for your rights! Vaccine injury is real, not rare, and we will not be going away!

Read the full letter below, download the PDF version HERE.

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