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Several states have already removed personal and religious exemptions for vaccinations.

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Vaccine choice is of great importance to me. I, not the government, am responsible for making the medical decisions necessary to protect the health of myself and my family! This is the most basic of freedoms - and both the United States of America Constitution and State of Michigan law supports this. I ask that you continue to protect my ability to make these choices, without coercion, penalty, or discrimination.

I would like to highlight three important things:

Vaccine Injury is Real: In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court said vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe products”, the CDC estimates that the Vaccine Adverse event Reporting System (VAERS) received over 48,000 reports in 2019. However, VAEERS has been estimated to account for less than 1% of vaccine injuries.

Vaccine Makers Are Not Liable for the Safety of their Products: In October of 1986, the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was signed into law. This created a “no-fault- system giving vaccine manufacturers no liabiltyfor the damages their products may cause, including death. Along with this “no-fault” system, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was also created. Over $4 billion has been paid through the VICP for vaccine injury and death, over $1 billion within the last four years! 

Informed Consent is a Basic Human Right: Informed consent gives people the right to outweigh the risks v.s. benefits of a proposed medical intervention and where there is a risk, there is a choice. All options must be equally accessible, and refusal must be without consequences, such as the threat of losing access to public or private education, employment, or basic medical care. Informed consent prior to any medical intervention, including vaccines, is a basic human right.

Since manufacturers are not liable for the safety of their products, there is no incentive to make their products safe or effective. I hope to have your support in protecting vaccine exemptions and parental choice and woud love to know your thoughts on this issue.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,




As pharmaceutical companies around the world rush to bring coronavirus vaccines to market, I strongly object to being forced to receive any vaccine, especially a vaccine with minimal safety testing. No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced or coerced as a condition of schooling, employment, or participation in community events, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause — be it a reaction, injury, or death.


Many people are unaware of the fact that vaccine manufacturers are not liable for harm caused by their products because of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, along with the PREP Act being declared early this year, which also gives liability immunity for not only manufacturers but also any “covered persons” to include “those that manufacturer, distribute, administer, prescribe or use Covered Countermeasures”. That means if I or a family member is injured or killed, no one will bear responsibility — not the vaccine manufacturer, not the doctor or nurse administering the vaccine, nor the government body or employer who decided to mandate the vaccine. It is I, and I alone, who will be left with the consequences and the medical bills.


That is exceptionally alarming given the fact there are major safety concerns with these COVID-19 vaccines. Very simply, vaccine manufacturers cannot ensure the long-term safety of any COVID vaccine since the products have had only months of clinical experience, at best. First-generation pharmaceutical products are also notorious for unintended side effects, such as birth defects seen with the drug thalidomide or antibody-dependent enhancement as seen with the dengue vaccine. This is a phenomenon where subjects who receive a vaccine for a virus become significantly more ill when they’re exposed to that virus in the wild. (In other words, they are NOT protected from the vaccine; the vaccine actually causes them to become sick or die.) Additionally, the mRNA technology being used in several of the vaccine front-runners is unproven and has never before been approved for commercial use. There is much that is not understood about mRNA vaccines, including what their long term effects might be and how they could change a person’s own DNA. 


Under current U.S. Supreme Court law, in order to mandate a medical intervention, there must be an epidemic that imperils the entire population. According to the CDC’s own data, most people have more than a 97 percent chance of surviving COVID-19. In fact, for people under 70, the survival rate after infection ranges from 99.5 percent to 99.9 percent. Furthermore, COVID-19 vaccines have not shown to prevent transmission; they have merely shown to lessen symptoms.


Given the above — and the fact that there are a variety of preventative measures for coronavirus, as well as treatments that have been successfully used by healthcare clinicians around the world — there is simply no basis upon which to require the vaccine.


When the nation’s top vaccine proponents sound alarms about the consequences of a rushed COVID-19 vaccine, that causes me to feel alarmed too. Vaccination is just one approach to dealing with a virus such as COVID-19. It is not THE only approach. It is up to each person to decide how to care for their body based on their own individual judgment and unique physiology. Individuals should not be asked to cast aside their own convictions (be it personal, ethical, or religious) to follow the recommendations of public servants who don’t even know them — especially when the policies those officials are pushing are influenced by the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry. 


That’s right: the pharmaceutical industry stands to make an unprecedented profit from the COVID-19 vaccine. I will not participate in a mandate that will create enormous revenues for drug companies that bear absolutely no responsibility for the products they produce — or for my welfare. In fact, some of these companies are convicted serial felons that have been charged with billions in civil and criminal fines for fraud and other misconduct. 


Do you want to be forced to take an experimental, risky vaccine from companies with such an appalling track record? I surely don’t.


Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. I urge you to make sure that public policy paves the way for me and others like me everywhere to make responsible choices about what precautions we take and the best way to care for our health. 


Thank you in advance.